Inctf Quals 2018-MultiPrime RSA WriteUp

This year InCTF Quals really went well and I feel extremely privileged to be a part of it and conduct it. I hope everyone learned a lot more stuff after this CTF. This blog post covers the intended solution of the challenge that I created: MultiPrime RSA. It was a medium level challenge with 3 … Continue reading Inctf Quals 2018-MultiPrime RSA WriteUp

Revolutional Secure Angou WriteUp

CTF: TWCTF 2018 CATEGORY: CRYPTO POINTS: 154 This blog post is for discussing the exploit of the challenge Revolutional Secure Angou. We were given the following ruby script When we go through the above code, we can see that the prime q is generated in a different way rather than usual. q = On … Continue reading Revolutional Secure Angou WriteUp


RSA (named after Rivest - Shamir – Adleman) is a popularly used public key encryption system. Security of RSA is based on the fact that it is very difficult to factorize a very long integer into its prime factors. Being public key crypto system, it involves the usage of public key and private key for … Continue reading RSA